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Overlooked Essentials for Your First Home

Nearly everyone has at least some experience moving, whether into a college dorm or between apartments as a young adult. But at a certain point, it’s time to settle into a new place, more or less for the “long term.”

When you first move in, you might find that a new house decked out with just the bare necessities doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. Sometimes, you know something is missing but you’re just not sure what would make your house feel more like a home. So we asked our friends, the Atlanta movers at Black Tie Moving, for things they’ve seen while helping people move that really give a place character. Here are their top 5 important items that often get overlooked!

1.    Artwork that Means Something to You

A great way to make a place feel like it’s yours is to decorate it with something that only you would have. Find some paintings, printed photographs, or sculptures that appeal to you and set them out! Not only will you feel more at home, but your guests will have something to appreciate. And you don’t have to break the bank looking for art—local galleries and online stores are great places to find beautiful and affordable decorations!


2.    A Rug to Tie the Room Together

A large space of bare floor in the middle of your living room often makes the room feel empty, no matter how much stuff you may have lining the periphery. Unless you’ve got a very small living room, you’ll want a rug to make everything feel a little bit more cozy


3.    Plentiful Lighting


Light is one of those things we rarely think about until it’s not there. Maybe your new place is a dream with the exception of a slightly inferior overhead lighting system—but don’t let that dim your mood! Standing lamps and other light fixtures are relatively inexpensive and can make your new home seem much more inviting.

2.     4A Bookshelf

You don’t have to own an extensive book collection for a bookshelf to make sense in your home. (Although, if you do happen to have a private library, you’ll definitely want to put it on display!) Bookshelves are great for miscellaneous decorations, or for displaying your kid’s future soccer trophies.


5.    Seating for Guests

This one can’t be understated. Even if your common room doesn’t have space for a sofa or love seat, make sure you put out some comfortable chairs for any guests to sit on. Extra seating can also make you feel like you have more freedom when you’re just hanging around the house.

So there you have it—the top five items that help make a house more homelike, and ones that are all too often forgotten! We hope you found this list helpful, and we wish you happy moving!