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Tips for Moving in With Your Significant Other

Moving in together is arguably the most important moment of any relationship—but also potentially the most stressful. You discover certain things about someone when you live together that you might never have imagined beforehand! Maybe it’s as simple as him forgetting to put down the toilet seat—or maybe her morning ritual involves jumping on a trampoline while watching an exercise tape on full volume.

Really, you never know what to expect when moving in with someone. And early on when living together, you might find yourself asking: Where is the romance now? But no matter what kind of couple you are, or how well you get along, some tips apply no matter what.

1.     Set Financial Expectations

Money problems can divide even the most stable relationships. That’s why you should make sure you’re both on the same page about financial details before you move in together. Decide whether you’re going to create a joint checking account, and figure out a system for the division of bills. Without talking about it, one partner might assume that everything will be divided evenly, while the other expects that bills should be weighted according to your individual incomes. Establishing common ground financially can prevent a serious fight!

2.     Commit to Doing Chores

Living on your own, it becomes easy to forget about doing chores. After all, up till now, leaving some dirty pots in the sink was only your problem. Living with your significant other means that—even if he or she doesn’t mention it—your mess becomes an issue for both members of the household! And when one partner feels like they’re doing more work than the other, resentment can build. Avoid fights by dividing up chores and committing to doing your part.

3.     Divide the Decorating

It might be news to you, but maybe that Fast and Furious poster you’ve had in your bedroom since college doesn’t appeal to everyone. Especially when you’ll be sharing a bedroom and other common areas of your home, it’s important to make some compromises on décor. Try to blend your different styles to reach a sort of mutual agreement. The last thing you want is for one person to feel out of place in their own home!

Long before you call your mover, sit down with your significant other and go through this list. You might want to put off the tough conversations, but you can prevent a lot of future arguing by planning some things out in advance. And if everything goes well, you might just find living together just as romantic as you’d always hoped it would be!