Why Should You Buy "For Sale By Owner"?

SAVES YOU MONEY! Buying directly from the homeowner in a "For Sale By Owner" will save you the cost of having to pay for the real estate commission. The 6 commission that is typically charged by real estate agents will often be added to the total cost of the home. When this is done, YOU (the buyer) are the one that will end up paying the commission. Buying a home in a "For Sale By Owner" transaction will cost you less and you get MORE HOME FOR THE MONEY!!

SAVES YOU TIME! You deal directly with the homeowner rather than through a third party. Communication is more direct, faster, and to the point. You will get more accomplished in a shorter length of time which means YOU CAN BE IN YOUR NEW HOME SOONER!

EASY TO DO! Some people think that purchasing real estate from anyone other than a real estate agent is difficult. This myth is very far from the truth. Purchasing "For Sale By Owner" is simple. Our best suggestion is to contact your local For Sale By Owner professional for guidance and/or assistance.